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The Importance Of UNITY and its POWERFUL effects.

We know that everything going on right now is meant to divide us from one another. There are COUNTLESS examples of things I could point towards that are working to divide us.

They have tried to tear us apart from one another and I know I am not the only one who has seen friendships end, relationships end, and even families get torn apart through all of this. For every single connection that has been broken and all of the people who have become divided because of this attack on freedom there is a GREATER amount of new, amazing and beautiful connections being made. They try to divide us and we only make our connections stronger and the Fire that is Freedom grows bigger and brighter than ever. We refuse to be divided. We accept all. Mask, or no mask, Jab or no Jab. Every race, every gender, every religion and ideology. We stand united for freedom. We chant Freedom while we march. Those people who hate on us while we pass and throw up a middle finger and yell and swear are just letting negativity take over. These people are attached to such negative emotions and they will just come at you with a wave of uncontrolled hate. Hate and negativity. Low vibrational energy that is so easy to allow to take control. Everyone knows just how easy it is to get angry, especially during all of this insanity. It has been 2 years now of the most blatant, in your face, lies and corruption unlike anything we have seen before. I can not blame anyone for being angry about this.

BUT This level of tyranny is not new. It has been going on for so much longer than most people will ever realize. The only thing that is new now is that they do not care about hiding it any more. So be angry, go ahead and see how far that is going to get you. For so long our governments have manipulated and lied to us using the endangered species that is mainstream media as their tool for complete propaganda and misdirection. The tool that they use to divide us in every way has only evolved further into social media as well. Left or right, male or female, Calgary Flames or Edmonton Oilers. So many things that are used to distract and divide. (don't get me wrong I love sports) But yet like I have said, we in the freedom community are United and not divided. Our love, our acceptance, our kind hearts, and our positive energy is unwavering. It is indestructible. No matter how long it takes we will be here to accept all of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the World onto our side. We will show them what it is like to be FREE and we will spread our FIRE for freedom to the world. When we stand here together and we march through the streets we need to set aside everything except for the One and ONLY REASON why we are all even here. We are here to UNITE for FREEDOM. Lets set science aside, lets put our medical opinions and thoughts on hold, and by doing so each and every one of us can stand here and be a part of the most powerful thing that Canada will ever see. You see someone with a mask on, show them love. Tell them to join us. Don't even bring up the mask. Show them what we are all about. Love, diversity, acceptance and most of all FREEDOM. Anger and negativity are such easy things to lean into. Social media feeds off of it, the government feeds off of it and the Lame Stream media feeds off of it. They know that humans can so easily be subdued by and become obsessed with negativity. Those are the kind of people who will try and argue with a crowd of thousands of us while we peacefully march and chant freedom. We are strong, we are resilient and we choose to be better than that. All of us need to be unified and show, love, acceptance and tolerance towards any kind of hate that can be thrown our way. These people are hypnotized and trapped in a culture of fear and lies.

We set aside all of our differences and I assure you there will be NOTHING but a positive result. It is going to take time for some people to wake up. Human beings love the mentality of “We don't fix it until it is broke.” We will let something completely stop working before we even think about trying to maintain or repair it.” This same mentality translates into people needing to suffer to want to change. Pain provides the most powerful inspiration for change. You burn your hand on something hot, you go out of your way to be more careful. You see your friend die on the third shot?. You may start to question what is going on around you. Many of us here today have had very personal experiences whether it has to do with this sickness or any of the countless things that could provide an awakening. For some people it is going to take something happening on a personal level before they will finally wake up and realize what is going on. You could tell them story after story but until they are affected personally they will refuse to even acknowledge that they have chosen to live behind the veil that has been placed over humanity. The veil that all of us here today have chosen to never live behind ever again. They say ignorance is bliss, but at this point it is not ignorance anymore. The definition of ignorance is the lack of knowledge or information. People have taken the Ignore part out of of ignorance and decide to just IGNORE reality even when given all of the knowledge and information they could ever need. People are going to wake up one way or another and we need to be here strong, accepting, and UNIFIED in our fight for FREEDOM for them when they are awake. I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse. Not a police officer or a person of power and influence. I am someone that the government expects to believe all of their lies. I'm supposed to be brainwashed by propaganda and am expected to go along with the insanity evolving around us.

Because I don't believe these lies and I don't fall for the propaganda I am viewed in the eyes of the government as a second class citizen.

The clean and the Dirty.

The vaxed and the unvaxed.

The main tool of division today is this jab. It has nothing to do with our health even if you believe that this medical procedure is good for you or not. This is all about compliance. If they want to make us second class citizens because we don't like discrimination then I'll tell you this. We are going to make this “second class” so much better than anything that has ever come before. We are going to be the ONLY class of society that ANY human will want to live within. We all know that we cannot go back to how it was. This is the great awakening and what comes from here is nothing like what we have ever had in our lifetimes. Us “second class citizens” are going to lead the way forward and we will turn the division they have pushed on humanity into a unified force for freedom. I will always stand for unity. Human kind needs to unite and that is how we here today are going to be different. Besides the obvious fact that what we are going to build together is going to be much better than anything that they could try enforce upon us, our strongest advantage in all of this is the fact that we are ready and willing to allow anyone into our side. We unite for freedom, and show love and acceptance to any and all. That karen on the street who starts to argue with you behind her face mask can be converted. Love, acceptance and Freedom are a fire that burns within all of us. We spread our fire for freedom to these people and at the very least a part of them will realize how we are choosing to behave. They start to see how we are. They see how the media Lies about us. How They mis represent us and They mis label us. This Karen on the street who tries to argue with you simply won't be able to because of your lack of hate. They will start to realize how they are being lied to. City TV? Global? I don't see you covering ANYTHING of VALUE. I will never understand how a media organization can attempt to EVER cover a story that they are not a part of. They are never at our rallies, they are never interviewing ANYONE asking ANY QUESTIONS. Yet they will write articles and put out videos trying to describe exactly what and who we all are. We are not a bunch of crazy hateful Anti Vaxers. We prove that here today by showing love, acceptance and compassion towards those who only know what they have been told. These people have not formulated their own opinions. They have been told their opinion. And for once they will see what it is like to actually make up their mind for themselves when they experience the complete opposite than what they have been told. These people will start to see what we are about and will start to question all of the lies being told to them. That is the point in which we welcome them with open arms. We start to point them towards all the right places, we give them proper resources to truly start to wake up.

If we match their hate with more hate from the start it is never going to get ANYWHERE. It is going to just spiral into more hateful and negative things and that is EXACTLY what the government wants from us. We stand here united, and we defy the act of division in every way. People love to say this is good vs evil and I will not say that they are wrong. But here is how I see it. There is no equal to evil. Evil has no counterpart. There is only the absence of evil. That absence is then filled with nothing but positivity.

Love, kindness, compassion, creativity, spirituality, religion and so on. All of these things are what stand in defiance of evil. They stand UNIFIED and are EXACTLY what all of us here embody.

So Ill leave you with this.

This is not a fight of Good Vs Evil. Its not a battle of light vs dark. This is not a fight at all. This is a long distance race and across the finish line is a Fire for freedom that burns brighter than any kind of darkness that could ever try to snuff it out. There are thousands of us willing to Live on our feet in the name of freedom rather than live on our knees in the name of safety and security. We are all in this together and will pass the baton of freedom onward from one to another until we win this race no matter how long it takes. The closer we get to winning, the bigger our Fire of freedom grows. That fire only makes the darkness have to try so much harder to exist. We will stand as a beacon of light for any and all to come to. We do not segregate, we do not discriminate, and above all we stand United For FREEDOM.

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