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February 19th United For Freedom Rally COUNTER PROTESTER Interaction | Calgary Alberta Canada

The United For Freedom weekly Saturday rallies have been a staple of the freedom movement in Canada now for the over 2 years of Pandemic Madness. Every Saturday there are thousands of people who come out to the downtown core of the city and gather to UNITE for FREEDOM. The numbers have continued to grow and the loving and caring faces of diverse people of all walks of life have continued to shine the fire for freedom BRIGHT in the city unlike anything seen before. This interaction with a group of HATEFUL, ANGRY, RUDE, and AGGRESSIVE people when met with an opportunity to have their voice heard, and their opinions made known is a clear example of the type of person that the GOVERNMENT and MAINSTREAM MEDIA have created through the brainwashing and manipulation pushed onto society. When met with a crowd of over 15,000 people marching in solidarity with nothing but LOVE, FREEDOM, and UNITY in our hearts they have nothing but pure, unfounded, Un-rational hate despite the love around them. When given the opportunity to speak their opinions they instead decide to DESTROY property and commit a crime. The POLICE involved did not arrest the person and allowed them to continue to provoke the crowd of loving Canadians; families and children. Once the crowd passed by, the antagonizing group of COUNTER PROTESTERS were allowed back inside of the bar on the street in which they had came out of prior to the start of the protest passing by. If the tables where turned and ANY ONE of the 15,000 loving protesters would have damaged the property of these COUNTER PROTESTERS it is VERY LIKLEY that we would have seen an arrest made on that individual for having damaged the property of these COUNTER PROTESTERS. These police very likely allowed these COUNTER PROTESTERS to provoke the crowd of FREEDOM LOVING CANADIANS with the hopes of a possible escalation of events in order to make the FREEDOM COMMUNITY in Calgary Alberta as violent or hateful or any of the possible titles you can think of.

With very large numbers starting to show up every Saturday there are a lot of people within our government and power structure alike that do not want this movement and these rallies to continue. Awakening The People has submitted the proper evidence to police and is awaiting information and contact back with information about the proceedings of the case filed for Destruction of Property for the microphone damaged in the video seen below. These police do not treat citizens equally at all, and the police in our capitol; Ottawa, are a prime example of ORDER FOLLOWING and JACKBOOT thugs who are TARNISHING the reputation of all of Canada through their disgusting acts of segregation, discrimination and down right LAW BREAKING behavior. The police in our country from coast to coast are needing to FULLY consider the acts they are taking part in and realize that they are to protect and serve THE PEOPLE and not be the weaponized arm of our corrupt and crumbling government.

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